Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Night at Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween fans wait for this Universal Studios Orlando event every year. While plenty of Orlando theme parks have Halloween events only one can claim they have the Golden Ticket award and that’s Halloween Horror Nights. Well here at, we finally got to check it out for ourselves and had a great time.

This year’s theme, Ripped from the Silver Screen, was evident as soon as you approached the Universal Studios Orlando gates. There was a giant screen playing clips from the best horror movies ever made. This year’s main character, The Usher, was also beckoning visitors to come in and experience the great scare zones and haunted houses the even had to offer. Scare zone wise, we loved the idea of the zombie soldiers. Considering all of the zombie madness going on right now with books like The Zombie Survival Guide and movies like Zombieland it’s always cool to see a “real” interpretation of the legendary creatures. It was great to see them carrying rifles in full soldier regalia as they ran after unsuspecting guests.

House wise, SAW had a crazy line for a reason. The people at Universal really took the time to incorporate scenes from the movies and even include TV monitors throughout the house. No matter where you went, Jigsaw was always talking to you and watching as the people around you were tortured. Frankenstein was frightening as well with plenty of scare actors in mechanical-like masks jumping out at every corner. Chucky’s house was completely disorienting as soon as you walked in! There was a whirling tunnel that would make those with even the strongest stomachs dizzy. But our favorite house wasn’t necessarily the scariest; it was the one that paid tribute to some of the greatest horror movie classics!

Silver Screams featured The Phantom of the Opera, The Strangers, My Bloody Valentine and our personal favorite Shaun of the Dead. To walk through a haunted house while Queen played through the speakers just like the famous final scene in Shaun of the Dead was one of the most memorable moments of Halloween Horror Nights 19. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure was also a great improvement from last year’s show, which focused too heavily on politics. There’s one more week left to check out Halloween Horror Nights, so make sure you get your tickets and head on over!


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