Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aquatica Ready to Expand

It seems that all of the Orlando theme parks are stepping it up by adding new attractions, rides and expanding the size of their parks! Over at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure they’re getting ready to launch the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the spring of 2010. The Walt Disney World Resort has confirmed a massive expansion of Fantasyland over at the Magic Kingdom, and now the beautiful Aquatica park has announced they will join in on the expansion trend by adding new rides to Aquatica in 2010.

Aquatica is a gorgeous water park that is considered part of the SeaWorld theme park family. It spans over 60 acres and features 36 water slides, 3 drop raft slides, cannon bowls, a six story family raft slide and more. While Orlando may be in Central Florida, Aquatica has 80,000 square feet of beautiful sandy beaches that even feature private cabanas and waterside waiter service for those of you wanting to be catered to. This great park, which caters to water park enthusiasts of all ages, is open all year round thanks to our great Florida weather. Not only will you see great water slides and a beautiful “beach,” you will also see an amazing array of interesting animals like exotic fish, Commerson’s Dolphins, spoonbills, and cookabura birds. When you’re hungry you can eat at the Banana Beach Cookout, where it’s always time for a poolside BBQ, or grab a quick bite at the Mango Market.

As for that expansion trend, Aquatica will be adding four new waterslides for those of you that can’t get enough of the thrilling rides, and we have the details on two of them! The Twin Tornado walls will feature V-shaped slides that shoot riders in 6 person inflatable rafts up a vertical wall thanks to innovative hydro-magnetic technology. The Topsy Turvy is a 40 foot pipeline style ride that fits a 2 person inner tube. You can either ride the 285’ long track that features 2 funnels or zoom down the 460’ long track that features 4 funnels. 2010 looks like it’s going to be fantastic for the Aquatica park.


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