Friday, December 11, 2009

LOST in Hollywood Studios

What do the Disney theme parks and the hit television series LOST have in common? A lot more than you think! LOST is an ABC show, and ABC is owned by Disney, meaning that opens up a world of possibilities for hints of the mystery show to pop up all over the Walt Disney World Resort. With the release of Season 5 on DVD and Blu Ray this week and the upcoming final season starting February 2, 2010, we wanted to let LOST fans know you can still get your island fix at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Once you head over to the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror’s gift shop, you might be surprised to find yourself looking at LOST merchandise like DVD’s, action figures, books, and t-shirts. We think that attraction is the perfect place for all of the LOST merchandise to be held, considering the mysterious and spooky nature The Twilight Zone television show was famous for. Any LOST fan with knowledge of the Rod Serling classic could quickly point out references to the sci-fi classic on the current mystery island show. The Blogster has purchased quite a few items at the Tower of Terror gift shop, including a t-shirt with the infamous numbers running across it. If you remember the Disney D23 Expo, there was an entire section devoted to memorabilia from the show there as well. It’s a pretty cool thing for a Disney and LOST fan to explore two things they love at a convention like that.

While you’ve seen the merchandise at the store, many fans have been wondering if LOST will ever come into play as an attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s certainly a rumor that has been around for quite some time, but unfortunately, one we don’t think will happen anytime soon. As much as the LOST fans at would love an attraction for the show, we’ll just have to settle for DVD marathons for now. Don’t forget to tune in to the final season of LOST this February 2, 2010. The premiere is going to be 2 hours long with a 1 hour “catch-up” show before that. Here’s hoping LOST lives on at the Walt Disney World Resort!


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