Monday, January 04, 2010

Be Couture with Disney Merchandise

As an adult it’s hard to fully indulge in all of the merchandise available at the Disney theme parks sometimes. The products, whether they are sweaters, t-shirts or even jewelry, can sometimes be too childish. Or, sometimes they are brightly colored and don’t fit the style of some of the park guests. Then there are those that might be too shy to admit their love of Disney (or teenagers don’t want to lose their cool factor) and don’t want mouse ears and princesses plastered all over their clothing and accessories.

For those of you that go to the Orlando theme parks ready to shop for merchandise you can only find in the parks while visiting the House of Mouse, you might want to head down to Downtown Disney and check out one of the newest stores in the shopping and dining complex. Vault 28 is a new accessory and apparel store that is carrying Disney’s line of “couture” products. Scarves, bags, jewelry, apparel and more are all designed with subtle Disney themes in mind. Both celebrities and noted fashion designers have come together to work on Disney Couture.

Kidada Jones, an actress and model, designed accessories for Disney Couture based off of the newest princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. For those of you that can’t wait to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, designer Tom Binnes created an entire line of scarves, bags and other apparel that focuses on the upcoming Burton adaptation of the Disney classic.

The jewelry line at Vault 28 will be especially popular. According to Sr. Designer Jina Kim, "The looks are right on-trend with what's happening in jewelry -- especially patina finishes and bib necklaces. Our Tinker Bell line is a modern take on vintage with a touch of found trinkets … a very important part of Tink's world." The couture line plans to expand into hosiery, watches and eyewear. You can find the line at Vault 28 in Downtown Disney, online and upscale boutiques across the nation. If you have any holiday money or gift cards left over, browse through the Disney Couture line!


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