Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tables in Wonderland

Part of what’s fun about going to the Disney theme parks is getting to enjoy all of the great restaurants located within. It’s not just about park food—there is much more to the Walt Disney World Resort than turkey legs and pop corn! Plenty of the parks have amazing restaurants like Teppan Edo in Epcot or The Brown Derby at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As always, Disney finds a way to make the park experiences extra special for the most loyal Disney fans. One example is with Tables in Wonderland, formerly the Disney Dining Experience.

Tables in Wonderland is a members-only program that allows Disney fanatics to experience amazing dining adventures within the parks. Whether it involves having special dinners with top chefs, attending private functions, or getting other great Disney privileges, this program will not disappoint. Just recently, Tables in Wonderland held an event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios where Tables in Wonderland members got to dine in The Great Movie Ride! This classic ride takes you through a tour of Hollywood’s most famous movies, from Casablanca to Alien, and Tables in Wonderland members recently got a chance to have an amazing themed dinner there!

The dinner was set up in the Mobster and Wizard of Oz sections of the ride, with table décor following the appropriate themes. The Wizard of Oz tables had lollipops and ruby slipper party favors while the gangster movie section included actors dressed like 1920’s mobsters. They got to dine on great food like miniature calzones, house cured salmon with caviar and arancini with spicy Italian sausage. Also on the menu were great creations featuring gorgonzola and hazelnut along with white bean and eggplant dishes.

If you’re a Florida Resident it costs $155 to join the Tables in Wonderland program and annual pass holders usually get a bit of a discount. You also have access to complimentary resort parking, reimbursement for eating in the theme parks along with 20% discounts on food and beverages within the parks kiosks. Overall if you’re a Disney fanatic Tables in Wonderland would be an amazing club to join!


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