Monday, February 15, 2010

National Cheerleading Competition at ESPN Wide World of Sports

Cheerleaders are a part of nearly every major sport in the US. Even baseball and hockey teams have cheerleaders now. In the Midwest high school scene (as well as in the South) high school sports are a huge deal—especially in smaller towns that don’t have access to national league sports. Every year, the best cheerleading squads from across the nation gather to compete in the National High School Cheerleading Championship, put on by the Universal Cheerleaders Association. Over 400 teams from 32 states will be competing in this 30 year old tournament. One of those squads, the team from Kentucky’s Greenup High School, has participated in the competition since its inception.

“Our 30th Anniversary Championship is a testament to the popularity and growth of cheerleading across the U.S.” said Jeff Webb, founder and CEO of Varsity, parent organization of UCA. “We are proud to celebrate this milestone with the more than 8,000 talented cheerleaders representing teams from all over the country. We feel privileged to give these amazing athletes a proper showcase for their talents.”

The cheerleading competition, or NHSCC for short, will take place at various spots within the Disney theme parks and the ESPN Wide World of Sports. You can expect to see cheerleading performances over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Show Stage as well as at the Josten’s theatre and the ESPN Wide World of Sports. You will be able to view the 30th Annual National High School Cheerleading Championship on both ESPN and ESPN2 and then later on in the Varsity Channels.

If you’re a fan of competitive cheerleading then you definitely need to plan your trip to the Walt Disney World Resort and check out this traditional competition. Ever since the opening of the ESPN Wide World of Sports Disney has pulled out all the stops to bring amazing sports events to their brand new state-of-the-art complex. Considering we just passed the Super Bowl and this cheerleading competition is coming up, the ESPN Wide World of Sports is getting plenty of good use and we’re sure there will be more events to come.


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