Friday, April 09, 2010

Just in time for spring and summer heat, a new water slide at Aquatica

Aquatica is getting ready for the spring and summer seasons with a new, thrilling water slide -- Omaka Rocka. This brand new family slide features high-speed tubes and half-pipe funnels. That means you'll be splashing and dashing while sliding every possible way -- forward, backward and even up the walls! Once you reach the bottom, you'll literally skim and skip across the water before the drenching splashdown. I've sent my Orlando spies to go check out the new water action, so expect a first-hand report very soon.

After the splashdown, if you're up for splashing out, you can look into renting a private cabana. Aquatica offers several levels for those who want a guaranteed places to relax and aren't concerned about paying extra for it. There is a wide range of prices as well as amenities, starting from $99/day for up to four guests (extra guests for an additional $15/person) all the way to the Ultimate Cabana at a whopping $600/day. Cabanas feature upgraded furniture, lockers and more; some even include complimentary drinks and ceiling fans. But Cabana rentals do not include park admission--these rentals are all extras but during high capacity times, they're worth budgeting for, provided you make your reservations early.

But it's not all luxury extras--Aquatica has a new way to save money, as well. Check out the after 2pm pass, which allows entrance to the park after 2pm for the rest of 2010. That's NINE MONTHS of entry, with NO blackout dates, for $49.99 -- a whopping $2 more than a standard one day adult pass. That's a fantastic deal, especially if you know anything about Orlando summer weather, where daily morning and early afternoon thunderstorms are the norm. By 2pm, that weather will generally have passed and the parks will likely be less crowded, with the weather having chased away the morning crowds. Take advantage of this deal for sure.


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