Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get in the Picture

I have always had a problem with taking photos. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, and since the advent of the digital camera, I take a huge number of them everywhere I can. The problem with me always taking them is that I am not in many of them. Disney’s Photo pass is a great way to remedy the situation.

To take full advantage of the service, the first thing to do when you get to one of the parks is find a Photo pass cast member and get your ID card. They’re not hard to find, there are always some at the entrances to the parks, waiting to get a shot of you and the family as you start a new Disney adventure. It only takes a moment or two as they snap away, then you can head off into the park and fun that waits.

Photo pass cast members are all over the parks at the best photo op positions. Sure, I have a ton of pictures of the Castle, but I need new ones every trip. The photo pass cast member got a great shot of my family in front of the castle. We also happened to find a cast member set up on the Tomorrowland side of the Castle, and that shot was a nice change in perspective. I have some great shots in some really interesting locals around the parks that I might have missed. And with cast members being as friendly as they are, they worked with my family to get great, creative shots that really gave my photo album a different kick. Best of all, they will even take photos with my personal camera, so I always have a spot in my vacation photos (as if all my souvenirs didn’t prove I was there!). They also have photo pass cast members at most of the character meet and greets, so you’ll never miss a special moment. Just be sure to hand them you photo pass ID card every time you stop.

The fun with the photo pass doesn’t end when you leave the park. You can view, edit and purchase any shots from the comfort of your home computer. The website has different options for photo boarders, you can even add in your favorite characters in case you missed them in person. If you don’t want to purchase individual prints, you can get a photo CD which includes the original and photo shopped pictures. You can even upload your own photos and create a scrapbook style photo album they print and send, which saved me from doing it!

Even if you don’t buy anything from the PhotoPass, it’s fun to play with the pictures and relive the wonderful memories. It’s also nice to get someone else to take the picture for a change.


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