Friday, July 16, 2010

Old-Fashioned Fun in Old Town

Hey there, blog readers! This week’s blog is a guest post by Kelly Dolan, a longtime Disney fan and frequent visitor to the parks. Here’s her recommendation for a fun night out of the parks.

When my family needs a break from the rush of our Disney-filled vacation week, we head to Old Town Kissimmee for a stroll down memory lane., including old-fashioned rides (even go-karts!) and an atmosphere reminiscent of summers long ago. Old Town is a particular favorite of my dad’s. He loves classic cars and Old Town hosts the largest classic car cruise in the states every Saturday night. I may not know much about makes and models, but those cars sure look sweet.

There are a lot of other things to do in Old Town aside from the cars and rides. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and listen to one of the concerts for a bit and give my poor feet a rest. Mainly, though, I go for the shopping. They have the usual Disney and Florida souvenirs, but they also have some unique shops for something a little different. When I was a kid, I loved the penny candies and the glass bottles of soda that only cost a quarter at the General Store; I still do, even though the price has gone up a bit (it’s still a huge bargain, trust me). I also love Black Market Minerals, which sells beautiful beads and semi-precious stones and crystals, plus very cool home décor items made from natural materials like driftwood.

One of my other favorite places also offers a most unique souvenir. Old Town is home to a very interesting old time photo shop Instant Ancestors: the Old Town Portrait Gallery. The gallery features extensive sets and costumes that put you smack dab in the Wild West, 1920s gangster Chicago, the sitting room of a lovely Victorian manor, and more. This is a fantastic family souvenir -- the first old time photo my family ever had taken still hangs on the wall in a place of honor in my mother’s house. Now, I get one every time I head over to Old Town. It’s way to commemorate the trip and will keep people talking for years to come, especially if you pretend the picture is really your ancestors!

The Old Town bandstand hosts free outdoor concerts on Fridays and Saturdays, but if you want live music on a weeknight, you might have to supply your own -- the Blue Max Tavern rocks Karaoke every night of the week! It’s a great place finish off the day with snacks, drinks, dancing, and singing. They also offer pool tables if Karaoke isn’t your thing, plus a full lunch and dinner menu. For dessert, end your night at A&W All American -- I love the root beer floats.

*All Pictures in this post are thanks to Kelly Dolan. Our blog and all of our readers are very appreciative!


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