Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sea World Parks continue their commitment to cuteness

July 2010 saw more baby animal news in Sea World Parks. First, Busch Gardens welcomed the birth of their 7th Caribbean flamingo chick. The first hatched June 3, 2010, and the newest was born just this past Sunday, July 25, 2010. The babies are white and fluffy with downy feathers; they won't turn pink until they start enjoying their diet of cartenoid pigments, conveniently available in the shrimp and algae they eat every day. The chicks join a flock of 125 adult flamingos -- if you go see them at the park, keep your eye on the middle of the flock, which is where the babies tend to be kept by the protective adults.

Sister Park Sea World of Orlando is continued its efforts in the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in need when the rescued an abandoned baby manatee from the waters near Daytona Beach. The weeks-old female requires round-the-clock care from animal care specialists. Every three hours, she is bottle-fed nutrient-rich formula that will hopefully promote weight gain so this little girl can grow strong enough to eventually be returned to the wild. She is being weighed regularly and her progress is being carefully monitored. She is under constant care and her condition remains guarded. If the picture below is any indication (featuring Sea World Animal Care Specialist Jeff Braso), she's in extremely good hands.


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