Monday, October 18, 2010

Bad news for coaster enthusiasts -- Universal Studio's Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit closed indefinitely.

The website says "closed for annual maintenance," but most sources are reporting that the coaster is closed indefinitely. Universal is being mum about why, claiming that it's simply a maintenance closure, routine but "intense and thorough...something [the park doesn't] rush."

The ride has been closed for over a month now, despite having been a high-profile opener back in August 2009. Rumors are flying about safety issues, thanks to a parts recall from the German manufacturer of some of the coaster's components -- including some of of the components that hold the cars together and keep riders inside the cars! The company is planning to redesign the parts and replace them; the process is likely to take several months.

Many resort guests are angry about the closure, since the coaster was supposed to be one of the park's big attractions. But to me, I'd rather it was closed and stayed closed for as long as it takes to guarantee my safety as a rider.

What say you, readers? Is one ride closure enough to ruin your vacation or are you willing to go with the flow and enjoy all the other attractions parks have to offer?


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