Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Discovery Cove announces new experience for 2011

As if the current expensive but well worth it experience at Discovery Cove wasn't enough, June 2011 will bring the Grand Reef to life -- swimming, swirling, underwater WALKING life. Here's a video that will explain more:

Grand Reef will feature a new white-sand beach and a special island landscaped with towering aplsm and other tropical plants. Underwater grottoes will have moray eels, reef sharks and many other species of tropical fish, so snorkeling will definitely be a key activity. There will also be a shark lagoon, complete with rope bridge for corssing and no-doubt fantastic views of the creatures in the water below. But the COOLEST part has got to be the "SeaVenture" -- an underwater walking tour. No SCUBA experience necessary -- you'll be fitted with special wet suits and helmets attached to breathing hoses so you can walk and wander the underwater paths without worry. The SeaVenture will allow guests to have underwater views of both sharks and poisonous lion fish -- they'll all be safely behind huge panoramic windows, of course.

All I can say is wow. I've been to Discovery Cove and it truly was an amazing way to spend a day, from the Dolphin Swim to the snorkeling and the (in my opinion) best lazy river EVER. Even the food was great. The atmosphere of the park was quiet, thanks to the limited number of reservations allowed per day, and there was always a place to sit and relax. With Grand Reef, I can only imagine how much more incredible an experience it will be. I can also only imagine how much more expensive -- as soon as I know more about that, I'll post the information.


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