Tuesday, October 12, 2010

There's so much to do in and around Orlando this week...

...that there's no way to fit it all in just one blog post. So this week, I'll spotlight something new each day that you should try to see.

Today, it's Sea World Orlando. Yes, of course everyone already knows all about this theme park giant, but here's why you should make a point of getting out there right away:

Photo by Julie Scardina, Animal Ambassador for Sea World, Discovery Cove and Busch Gardens

That's not a painting, folks. That's a photo of a brand-new, days-old baby orca! Momma whale Katina gave birth on Sunday, October 10, 2010 to a bouncing -- err, well, swimming -- baby. Here's a fantastic Sea World video of what the birth was actually like:

video courtesy Sea World, via http://www.youtube.com/user/seaworld

Visitors to the park can view momma and baby (who has yet to be sexed or named -- I'll post when I know more) at Shamu Stadium; ask Guest Services (888-800-5447) for viewing hours each day. Once you're there, feel free to ask trainers questions about Katina and her new baby; both mom and calf are doing well. The calf is nursing a lot, learning her way around the tank (always close by mom) and quickly becoming a new favorite of both visitors and Sea World employees. Here's one more pic from Sea World before you head over to take a few of your own:

Owly Images


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