Friday, March 11, 2011

Get an extra dose of comedy at Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Shows, this weekend only

A night at Sleuths is always good for some laughs (and good food), but this weekend offers a great bonus -- the award-winning play Art by Jasmina Reza. This play has been performed to great acclaim in Paris (where it was originall written and performed), London's West End (starring the great Albert Finney) and Broadway. The play has won theater's most prestigious awards, including the Moliere (Best Commercial Production, 1998), the Lawrence Olivier Award (Best Comedy, 1998), and the Tony (Best Play, 1998).

Art centers around the lives of three friends and how their relationship changes when one of them acquires a very expensive painting. This seemingly simple purchase becomes the center point of almost vicious arguments, leaving the audience to wonder if any of the friendships will remain intact at the end of the play. It's an excellent, involved piece of theater that is well worth your time. At $10 a ticket, this is a must-see cultural event.

Art is only at Sleuth's this weekend -- make plans to see it.


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