Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Worth the Trip: Epic happenings at Busch Gardens Tampa

Whether you like your epic in small or large doses, the new cheetah attraction at Busch Gardens Tampa is ready for you.

Small things first - check out this precious new face:

Welcome to the park, baby! This little tyke was brought to Busch Gardens from the Jacksonville Zoo when it was learned that his mother was unable to care for him. He's being hand-raised by zookeepers and is growing up fast, putting on weight and keeping everyone busy.

Meanwhile, in Big Epic Thrills land, Busch Garden's newest ride is going to be the longest continuous coaster in Florida. The Cheetah Hunt attraction was recently completed (see the pic below, snapped as the last section of track was being fitted in place) and is due to open Spring 2011. The coaster is part of the new Cheetah Run habitat area in the park.


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