Thursday, May 19, 2011

BREAKING NEW: New Universal Orlando atttraction announcements!

Universal Orlando has announced the latest attraction news to grace the theme park grounds. Speculation has been going on for a while now, especially with the park's official twitter account teasing little hints and images. But the offical news happened just this morning, at 10:30am via Mark Woodbury, the President of Universal Creative.

The first big news is about the Spiderman ride, one of the park's most popular attractions. "Major, high-tech enhancements" are being added to the already technologically-advanced attraction. According to Theirry Coup, Senior Vice President of Universal Creative Studio, the ride will now feature "a new level of detail, claryity, and color in 4K HD -- making it more realistic than ever."

And then there was the bigger news. A brand-new attraction, based on a film that grossed hundreds of millions world wide and "captivated the world with its unique humor, memorable characters, and compelling storyline." What film? Despicable Me.

That's right! The all-new attraction will be a 3D adventure utilizing the same new technology that The Amazing Advetures of Spiderman will feature. Guests will "join Gru, Agnes, Edith, Margo, and the mischievous minions on an outrageously fun adventure." Guests will even be "transformed" into minions!

"First you'll be taken into Gru's house," said Coup. "And then you'll get to see his lab, and then it will get deeper and deeper into some of the ares in that world that are just fantastic."

No word yet on whether the film's voice stars -- including Steve Carrell, Miranda Cosgrove, and Russell Brand -- will be taking part in the ride's development. But given Universal Orlando's past history of getting serious star power behind its attractions -- notably the cast of the Harry Potter films -- it's a good bet they will be trying to get the original actors on board with the project. Ony time will tell if they are successful.


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