Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ready for a record-breaking summer?

Two Orlando area attractions made MSNBC's list of nine record-breaking rides in the US.

Photo courtesy Universal Studios Orlando

First on the list is Universal's Islands of Adventure and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, home of the world's first robotic coaster, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. This innovative attraction features "robo-coaster" technology, allowing riders to twist, spin, and pivot in a completely immersive ride experience. Through robotics, you are journeying alongside Harry, Ron and Hermione and experiencing the adventures in a way that was not previously possible. The sensation of flying is as real as it gets -- this is the future of coaster technology.

Photo courtesy Walt Disney World Resort

Not to be outdone, Walt Disney World gets its moment as well. Disney's own Blizzard Beach is home to the tallest free-fall water slide in the country. Summit Plummet sends you down a steep plummet at top speeds, making you feel as if you're falling without any control -- this time down a 120 foot slide (2nd tallest in the world), including a plunge through a dark tunnel at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. There's even a digital readout at the end, so you can check your personal mph and compare it to everybody else.


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