Thursday, June 09, 2011

Walt Disney World News: Animal Kingdon family fave will stay closed for the summer

It's a summer bummer for fans of Animal Kingdom's family-friendly coaster, Primeval Whirl -- the attraction will not be open for the busiest vacation time of year. Disney announced the ride will stay closed through summer 2011, with a planned reopening in mid-September.

The attraction has been closed since the tragic accidental death of a ride maintenance worker. OSHA -- the Occupational Safety and Health Administration -- has fined Disney over $14,000 for five violations. The ongoing OSHA investigation is partially responsible for the closure

Some modifications have already been made, including extending the ride platform and giving ride workers more control over coaster movements and operation. At this time, Disney has declined to offer any details on present or future modifications, choosing -- perhaps wisely -- to wait until the investigation is complete.


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