Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Breaking Disney News: Avatar is coming to Walt Disney World!

It was just announced via the official Disney Parks blog -- the world of Avatar is coming to Disney.

Disney's Animal Kingdom will be home to the world's first Avatar-themed land in the world. Details are few and far between right now, but here's what we know:

  • The world will be created thanks to a partnership between Disney Imagineering and James Cameron's own Lightstorm Entertainment.

  • Cameron and his production partner Jon Landau will be directly involved with creative decisions; both will work "side-by-side with Disney Imagineers" on the project.

  • Design phase has just being, with construction slated to being in 2013.

A special Disney Parks blog post will appear later today; blog author Tom Stagg will be doing a special Q&A specifically about the project. Check back later for more details!


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