Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busch Gardens Tampa Ups Your Vacation Cute Factor

You may already be aware that Busch Gardens Tampa allows you to hand-feed the kangaroos living in Walkabout Way at Kangaloom, but things just got more interactive.

At 11:15am every morning, you have the opportunity to bottle-feed a kangaroo! Make sure to arrive early, because there are only 10 bottles to be fed daily. Ten lucky guests will each pay $10, and receive a receipt with their number on it. When your number is called, head on over and the staff will summon one of the hopping denizens of Kangaloom so you can give them a drink!

This is definitely something you don't want to miss, and make sure to have your camera ready! The kangaroos are a thirsty lot, so your bottle will likely go quickly. If you don't have a camera ready, there will be staff nearby to take photos for you, which you may review and purchase later in the Tuckerbox area. Should you not be one of the lucky few that's able to obtain a bottle, you'll still be able to feed the kangaroos by hand all day long, as Busch Gardens sells kangaroo food all day long for $5.

To get in on this fantastic feeding frenzy, simply head on over to Kangaloom in Busch Gardens and talk with the friendly staff! Also, make sure you check out their Facebook page - rumour has it that there might soon be a special free feeding offer for Facebook check-ins!


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