Friday, January 20, 2012

President Obama Launches Massive Tourist Initiative

Yesterday, The Happiest Place On Earth got a visit from President Obama. Before he got a chance to see Mickey, however, he stopped by the Magic Kingdom to announce a huge new tourism initiative that will help create jobs and increase visitor numbers to the United States in general and Florida in specific.

In his brief speech, the President outlined a number of different actions being taken by his administration to make tourism easier for those wishing to visit the U.S. Brazilian and Chinese tourists will be especially pleased, as the wait time for a visa will be cut from what can sometimes be a wait of up to three months to as few as twenty-one days.

The timing of this speech, and this initiative, not only distracted people briefly from the ongoing Republican primary race, but also ensures that results will be seen in time for the summer months, which are hugely important for tourism in the U.S.


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