Friday, March 16, 2012

Florida Film Festival Has An Affair Of The Heart

April 19 is a very special day if you happen to be a fan of 80's icon and enduring musician Rick Springfield. The 12th Annual Florida Film Festival will be presenting the independent film "An Affair Of The Heart", detailing the lives of some of Springfield's devoted fans, and Springfield himself will attend the screening at Enzian!

Though many may dismiss him as merely "that guy who sang Jessie's Girl", Springfield inspires an ardent fan following to this day, many of whom have been brought in to close relationships with each other through their love of the musician. This film not only casts an admiring eye toward Springfield and his close ties with fans but also toward the tribe of fans themselves.

There will be two screenings of the film, both with a Q&A session afterwards, and at $10 per ticket, they are expected to sell out quickly.

For more information about the Florida Film Festival, head on over to If you're interested in VIP packages for this particular film, click here for more details.


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