Friday, May 18, 2012

LEGOLAND Helps With Roller Coaster Readiness

Roller coasters are, for some, the best part of any amusement park. The love of roller coasters, or the fear of them, can start at a very young age. To this end, LEGOLAND Florida asked for the assistance of award-winning author and nationally recognized psychologist Dr. Susan Bartell to help families prepare young ones for the roller coaster experience, in hopes of quelling fears, managing meltdowns, and avoiding veloxrotaphobia (the fear of roller coasters).

In a brochure available online and at the front gates of the park, Dr. Bartell outlines ways to help younger visitors become acclimated to the idea of thrill rides, and includes tips that start at home and carry all the way through the end of the day after leaving the park.

Though the junior roller coasters at LEGOLAND are definitely milder and more of the "pink-knuckle" variety, they can still be pretty intimidating for first-timers. This brochure will help manage such fears. You never know: If used properly, it may help turn some children into lifelong roller coaster fans!

To download the brochure in PDF format, click here or go to LEGOLAND's website and look it up in the FAQ section!

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