Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cook Up Some Disney Magic At Home

Summer and Disney go hand in hand, and so does Disney and delicious food. This summer, why not try to recreate some of that Disney magic in your own kitchen? We've got just the tools to help you out.

First up, we've got the online video series Taste Of Disney, hosted by the mother and daughter team Pam Brandon and Katie Farmand. These two will have you cooking like a Disney chef in no time flat!

If you're looking for summer-light healthier fare, the "For Families" page of Disney's Magic of Healthy Living may be just what you seek. A guide to what fruits and vegetables are in season, great recipes to prepare, and lovely fruity desserts as well! Click here to check it out!

If it's delightful desserts (like the Disney character cupcakes pictured above) you crave, click here for a full 30 popular cupcake recipes that will have you turning out little masterpieces all your own in no time! Disney's is an excellent resource for healthy, delicious foods all year long.


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