Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thinking of hitting Olde Town? New map and new shops await!

Olde Town Kissimmee is a great place to spend some time. This theme park features food, shopping, and rides, all of it more reminiscent of childhood carnivals than super high-tech thrills and simulators (though there are definitely thrills to be had). Go-Karts, Lasar Tag, Bumper Cars, and a Zipline are there, plus there are classic car "cruises" where local autophiles can show off their fins and rims. Food and drink options range from classic snacks to cocktail bars, and the shopping truly has something for everyone -- where else can you buy rock and mineral samples, pet treats, light-up tshirts, hot sauce, puppets, and get your hair done, all in one afternoon?

The Visit Kissimmee pinterest page recently pinned the new map, which includes the latest additions for food and shopping. Check it out and plan your visit:


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