Thursday, December 27, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Own a piece of Sea World

Not all the details are clear yet, but word is brewing in travel and financial papers -- Sea World is looking set to release a $100M initial public offering (IPO). The big reason why? To end the "advisory agreement" with Blackstone, who purchased the park (along with 10 other oarks including Busch Gardens Tampa) from Annheiser Busch in 2007. Blackstone would still retain their controlling stake, however.

Revenue from the IPO -- potentially $500-600M -- could also fund more attractions, park expansions, and marketing campaigns to attract more visitors. If and when it happens, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase & Co are said to be the firms leading the offering, with the park then trading under the name Sea World Entertainment, Inc., symbol SEAS. 

The filing looks official, according to most news sources, and financial experts predict it will help the park in much teh same way a similar offering helped Disney and Universal when their parent companies announced IPOs. So be on the lookout for your chance to own stock in one of the world's biggest theme parks. Though it likely won't get you a discount on tickets.


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