Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hot weather is coming, so the water parks are getting ready

February and March may have been doing their weirdo weather ups and downs, but don't get comfortable -- that hot Florida weather is coming back to stay. And luckily,one area water parks is already prepared. 

In Winter Haven, the LEGOLAND Florida waterpark is up and running, with new additions for Spring and Summer 2013. Twice as many LEGO bricks have been put in place; check out the LEGO men in the waves:

Check out the list of new additions, hot from the Legoland press pages:

  • Build-A-Raft River Entrance: A new brightly-colored LEGO entrance now greets guests as they enter this distinctive 1,000-foot lazy river experience where families can test their creativity by building their own LEGO rafts.
  • LEGO Moby Dick: While floating along the Build-A-Raft River, families will be fascinated by Moby Dick, a ferocious whale made famous in American literature. LEGO Moby Dick is made of 200,879 LEGO DUPLO® bricks.
  • LEGO Wave Pool: The 583,000-gallon, crystal-clear wave pool is now decked-out with an amazing display of bright, cascading blue waves with two new LEGO models:
    • LEGO Shark, made of 248,642 bricks, is found among the waves searching for friends.
    • LEGO Scuba Diver, made of 86,233 bricks, finds himself face-to-face with a fiercely friendly LEGO Shark.
  • LEGO Mermaid: The entrance of the LEGOLAND Water Park now provides an impressive exhibit of intermittent water spouts and playful bubbles that burst from a LEGO Mermaid standing 15 ft tall. LEGO Mermaid is made of 176,210 bricks.
  • Waveside Grill: A new dining option can be found near the LEGO Wave Pool serving up delicious hot dogs and more.

While the park is primarily geared toward kids from two to 12, the water park has plenty of space for parents and even older siblings to relax and stay cool. And when the heat kicks up, sometimes that's all we really need. 


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