Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Horror Fans, mark your calendars: Dates for HHN 23 announced!

It's official, according to the event's Facebook page -- this year, Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights celebrates 23 years with 27 fright-inducing nights:

September 20-21, 26-29
October 3-6, 10-13, 16-20, 23-27, Halloween Night
November 1-2

No other details have come out, but based on last year's schedule, tickets should start being available around mid-June, with full house details ready in August. And like every year, if you want to be there on a high capacity night -- like ANY Friday or Saturday in October and ESPECIALLY Halloween itself -- buy tickets EARLY. And spring for Express Pass on those nights (or, in my opinion, any night -- the time saving is amazing). Yes, it's a whole additional cost on top of the bound-to-be-pricey tickets, but on crowded nights it can literally mean the difference between seeing all the houses or only one house. 

And if you're a true horror aficionado and you're feeling flush (or are willing to start putting away your pennies now), the RIP tour option can't be beat. It's VERY expensive -- last year, a private tour for 10 was a total cost of $1800 PLUS the actual admission ticket -- but the perks were pretty good:  RIP Lounge with cash bar (and complimentary coffee and bottle water after the tour), Priority front of the line access at the haunted houses, Priority seating at Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure, VIP access to select park attractions, Complimentary valet parking. And the RIP guides always know where the best bathrooms are, without the massive lines. No details on this year's RIP options yet; once we have them, we will post them.


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