Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Celebrate the Royal Baby, Orlando-style

Just in case you have been trapped in a cave somewhere with no access to the outside world or other people, the Royal Baby was born on Monday, July 22

While a name has yet to be announced, both British citizens and Anglophiles worldwide are celebrating the latest Windsor with princely pomp and circumstance, and perhaps a little more interest than is entirely healthy for any birth not in your own immediate family. But who are we to judge? We'd rather just get in on the celebration.

If you'd like to raise a glass to the new Prince, there are plenty of places available. The most obvious is in jolly old England itself, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof -- at the Rose & Crown Pub in the United Kingdom at Epcot Center. Disney decor aside, it's as close as you can get to the real thing without a passport. Provided you have the park admission, that is. 

If you don't feel like battling the summer crowds at the theme parks, there are plenty of other places to give a hearty huzzah. The website Orlando for Brits offers a whole list of area pubs, including longtime fave The Cricketers Arms, which is one of the oldest British pubs in Orlando. Just remember to double-check before you drive though -- I don't know when the list was last updated, but at least one bar on it is no longer open (the delightfully named Fawlty Towers Tavern, sadly).

Prefer to enjoy a spot of tea instead? Orlando still has you covered. For elegance, you can't beat tea in the gorgeous lobby lounge of the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes. Three different traditional tea options are available: The Peter Rabbit Tea for kids, traditional high tea, and Royal tea (includes champagne). If you're up for a drive, head to beautiful Lake Mary and indulge at the Dickens Tea room and all their Victorian finery -- their website seems to be a little persnickety at the moment, but their Facebook page has all the information you could possibly need. 

Finally, if you want to make your own celebration, look no further than the British Shoppe in downtown Orlando. They've got everything you could possibly want to enjoy some Brit time, from frozen traditional pies and meats to loads of real UK teas, biscuits (that's cookies to us Yanks), chocolates, and more. 

So congratulations to the Royal Family! Have a party in their honor and don't skimp on he clotted cream.


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