Thursday, July 25, 2013

International Tiger Day at Busch Gardens Tampa

July 29 is International Tiger Day, an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation worldwide -- an important cause, considering that there are only an estimated 3200 tigers living in the wild.Busch gardens Tampa has dedicated the entire upcoming weekend to Tiger awareness, and you can enjoy it in the company of these little guys:

Those are three Malayan tigers. They were born on March 31, 2013 to momma Buzi -- two boys and one girl. The cubs are named Cinta ("love"), Bundar ("round"), and Rukayah ("delicate"). Mom and cubs are doing well and adjusting to life in the Tiger House at Jungala, where they will make special appearances to celebrate conservation and education about their very endangered species. 

Visit the Rainforest Research Station to learn more about tigers and tiger life at Busch Gardens, as well as to fnid out when the cubs will be making their appearances. There will also be face painting (get your tiger on, grrrrr), tiger feedings, and many other special events. Plus any tiger or cub merchandise you purchase over the weekend will benefit the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.  


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