Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Permanent Art Museum Without Walls? Yep -- downtown Orlando Fall 2013

See thsoe people? They are going to change the way downtown Orlando experience art when they create the Mills 50 Urban Art Museum -- the city's first wall-less and permanent art museum. It's a collaboration between Process Architecture, Jai Gallery, Marcos Cruz, and Mills50, and here is their mission:

  • Providing Orlando streets with a free quality art experience: impromptu, meaningful, respectful of the art, artist, audience and its environment.
  • Reclaiming the streets and beautifying neglected areas of the city, making them interesting to look at, by transforming eyesores into artworks and even putting them on the map of must-see places for art lovers.
  • Ultimately help bring Orlando where it needs to be as a true cultural city on the international stage.

The first piece will be installed this fall. Well-known Orlando artist Sculptor Marcos Cruz, one of the people behind the project, is donating his time to create the as-yet-unannounced piece. It will be installed along Mills Avenue near Tako Cheena restaurant, Educe Salon and Saya Couture and D├ęcor.
Besides improving the aesthetics of areas previously known more for "eyesores" than fine art, the installations will hopefully helpt the local economy as well -- by encouraging people to stop and admire the art, they are also being encouraged to check out local shops and restaurants. 
"It's not only an idea to create great art, but it's an idea to fuel the local economy," explains architect James Cornetet.
There is currently a kickstarter running for the project -- with only 49 hours to go, it has already exceeded its initial goal of $4400, but there is still time to make a pledge and get exclusives including invites to the opening party and limited edition artwork commemorating the occasion. All funds above the initial $4400 will go toward future installations for the museum.


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