Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Better than Wursts: EPCOT's Biergarten brightens their menu

As it happens, I am a big fan of traditional German foods, but they can be a bit heavy for a hot, sweaty, Orlando theme park day. Also, if you are traveling with picky kids, vegetarians, or people with dieting issues, a whole plate of vinegary potato salad and five different kinds of sausage can be a problem. 

But no longer! EPCOT's Biergarten restaurant in the Germany pavilion has done a menu refresh, along with sister eatery Sommerland as of September 1, 2013. 

"Guests often think of German food as one style," says EPCOT Executive Chef Jens Dahlmann. "We want to show the diversity of cuisine from Germany's many regions."

New buffet menu offerings include Bavarian leberkรคse (meatloaf) with sweet mustard, saurbraten (sweet and sour pot roast) with potato dumplings. Seasonal soups will also be offered, such as the current summery asparagus soup and likely mushroom bisque for the fall. There will also be a wider selection of smoked meats, real pickles important from Germany, and apple strudel made in-house and fresh every day. 

Young guests will also find much to love, such as nudel gratin (a German take on mac n cheese that you can try at home with this official EPCOT recipe) and the chef's personal childhood fave, chicken fricassee. There will also be more seasonal fruits and vegetables, including traditional salads and the regular kind, for the non-adventurous.  


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