Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Need a spa day? Check out Disney's Saratoga Springs!

Usually, we go to the Disney resorts to indulge in a few days of family fun and roller coasters, but what if you're looking for a bit more quiet and pampering? Don't worry - Disney can provide that, too! Saratoga Springs, a two-story, full-service spa opened on July 25th at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The wood floors, stone details, and wood-beamed ceilings were inspired by 19th century resorts at Saratoga Springs, New York that were built in order to take advantage of the therapeutic properties of the natural springs. If it sounds like you might be roughing it, don't worry. "Walt Disney Imagineers incorporated nature through the design using a hummingbird motif showcased in wood carvings and furnishings; alongside authentic Native American artwork." This is Disney, after all, not upstate New York.

The spa's core themes are renew, relax, and imagine. Signature services start at $65 for the Saratoga Springs Signature Pedicure at top out at $435 for the four-hour Saratoga Springs Getaway. Additional services, from massage therapies to skincare to hand and foot treatments are also available. We can't imagine a better way to renew and relax.


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