Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Live Like Royalty - at Least for the Day

Admit it. You've always known you were special. Royal, even. So why not take advantage of Living Social's current deal to live it up like royalty at Medieval Times Orlando?

For a paltry $39 (regular price is $68), you can watch the court drama unfold from your royal table. Brave knights will joust for your honor! Serving wenches will bring delicious food to your table! Ladies will faint for the honor of being in your presence!

Your "traditional" meal includes oven-roasted chicken, herb-roasted potatoes, tomato bisque soup, garlic bread, spare rib, and a pastry, plus two rounds of soft drinks, coffee, or tea. The only thing not included is your mead. Er..wine. I'm not exactly sure that's a traditional meal for the 11th century Spanish castle that you'll be sitting in, but details! And don't worry, your little prince or princess won't be left out. Children's tickets are also available for the deal for $29 (regularly $42). You can use your ticket anytime between now and January 31, 2014.


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