Friday, May 01, 2015

Avoiding Crowds at Walt Disney World : The Best Weeks To Go

There are good times to go to Disney World and the Orlando theme parks, there are bad times to go, and, then, there are really bad times to go.  For some people, they don't have the option of picking one week over another.  We all lead busy lives, and when you have to coordinate a vacation around work schedules, school, events and other engagements, sometimes you're limited to just a few select days when you're able to get away.  If you're upcoming vacation was scheduled with such limitations, then please don't read any further.  What crowds may or may not be flowing down Main Street are already out of your hands.

For those of you with some flexibility in your travel dates, here's a great article in the Huff Post that does a job of breaking down some different times of the year.  Find out when the parks will have the highest volume of visitors, as well as some of the lowest.


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