Friday, May 22, 2015

Ordering Food At Disney World and SeaWorld With Apps

Ordering food at Orlando's theme parks can often times be a frustrating event.  Although most parks have used technology (think Disney's Fast Pass) to ease the long lines of the most popular rides and attractions, the food lines are still suffering.  Fortunately, that problem may soon be a problem of the past.  Disney World and SeaWorld have begun testing pre-ordering and paying with the use of apps.  At the moment, that testing is only limited to a few select restaurants, such as Disney World's Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom, and SeaWorld's Seaport Pizza.  However, the results have been promising, and both parks will be extending the tests into additional venues.

SeaWorld apps for Food

Let's hope this takes off, since that will give us all more time to explore everything else in the parks!

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