Friday, June 12, 2015

Freddy vs Jason at Halloween Horror Nights 25

Freddy vs Jason Halloween Horror Nights
Well, how about this for an update from Universal Orlando regarding Halloween Horror Nights!  Last month we brought you the first released details of HHN 25 "Chaos Reigns", and now we find out that one of the haunted mansions will actually be Freddy Krueger versus Jason Vorhees, or, more commonly known as, "Freddy vs Jason".  They are arguable the 2 scariest horror film characters of all time.  Couple that with the return of the scariest character of all time at Halloween Horror Nights, Jack the Clown, and we are likely facing the most thrilling, most horrifying, and most evil HHN yet.

Highlights of Freddy vs Jason include:
- Weave through Elm Street and straight into Freddy Krueger’s nightmares
- Visit Camp Crystal Lake and come face-to-face with the hockey-masked killer, Jason Voorhees
- Witness iconic kills – and become the next target
- Fight to survive the terrifying showdown between the two titans of terror

Check out the teaser video below...


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