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Survey Results... Surge Pricing at Disney World?

Last Friday we posted a survey asking peoples' reactions to the idea of surge pricing at Disney World.  This was in response to Disney sending out their own survey to select ticket holders, posing the same hypothetical situation.  It should be noted that Disney often surveys fans, and some of those ideas come to fruition, and some of them are never heard from again.

So far, we have had over 800 people respond to our survey.  We would like to thank everyone for their participation.  Here are the results:

What is your initial reaction after reading this article?


I think it's a good idea     17     2.1%
I think it's a good idea, and will help regulate park volume     57     7.1%
I'm not happy about this idea     313     38.9%
I think it's just a way for Disney to make more money     405     50.4%
This reminds me of Uber     3     0.4%
I have no opinion     3     0.4%
Other     6     0.7%

If you were planning to visit Disney World, and then realized the dates fell on peak days, would you consider changing your travel dates?


No, it wouldn't change my plans     48     6%
Changing plans is too tough, so I'd have to pay the higher prices     41     5.1%
Yes, I would definitely change my plans     404     50.6%
I would look into it, but it would depend on my options     272     34.1%
I have no opinion     7     0.9%
Other     26     3.3%

Prefer to briefly voice your own opinion? Go right ahead...

(Below is only a sampling of the 200 opinions we received.  For the full list of responses, and a look at the live results, please click here.)  
There should be no difference in pricing. When its peak time people do less because of how busy it is. When its non peak the hours of the parks decrease. It really equals out

Many people are limited on travel times and that typically falls during peak season. Disney is a family focused business, correct??Raising prices and price gouging those blocked in to a specific time of year doesn't seem very family friendly to me. Not a wise decision, Disney.

I guess it would depend on how much the base price increased over time. If it would keep the annual increases to a lower percent of increase, then it might not be bad??

i would probably opt out of going to disney and spend time at other local attractions

Travelling from the uk with children of school age is very much restricted to the school holidays. Which seem to coincide with the peak times. It will put off a lot of uk customers. I have been to Disney many times and they are quickly pricing me out of visiting

Pure greed. As an annual pass holder, I have seen many cutbacks in stall and show schedules at Epcot and the other parks over the last few years, despite the fact that they are making huge profits. Will not be renewing our passes next year.

The cost of a Disney vacation is already very is just not right for Disney - to fleece Disney fans this way. Shame on the Disney corporation for putting profits over people. How about Disney offer additional "perks" to encourage families to come at non peak times? How nice would that be?

I think that this idea is okay, if Disney World would bring back the option of purchasing tickets that were 1-10 days AND had park hopper option AND did not expire. Please bring back the non-expiration date tickets. If you decided to go to a tiered system, then this would allow guests to purchase tickets that could be used on all types of days (bronze, silver, and gold).

I already change my dates based on peak times (I try to avoid them). If Disney want's to smooth out the attendance peaks, I would recommend giving perks on low attendance dates. Giving something like a $5 snack coupon per person on low attendance dates would attract more people, smooth out the attendance and would create great PR. In a time of lower or stagnant wages, guest want more for their money, not less. Giving out a $5 voucher won't even cost the company $5, and it might end up generating more money in concessions in the long run.

They need to create an affordable option for working single parents who has kids! I have three and would love to take them to disney but I can't afford those amounts for that many people so I'll just take then to leggo land!

This is begging for exceptional amounts of confusion, and it feels very much like try to squeeze even more money out of guests. If I buy a 4 day ticket in advance - then find out I bought a silver ticket but need gold, I have to pay even more? What if I straddle gold and silver days? I hope this doesn't come to pass.

As a Disney stock holder I'm in favor of anything that will drive revenue for the company. As a park attendee I hate the possibility that I'm going to have to pay more on certain days. Mixed feelings indeed.

Many seniors in FL would like to go several times a year..and NOT at peak times when kids are out of school or holidays...price is getting too much! Retired Military Seniors

Our family used to visit Disney World every year, but they have kept raising the prices of everything so much (including tickets, food, resorts, etc.) that it has become unaffordable for us to do so any more. We enjoy our Disney family vacations and still go there, but now our trips are every few years rather than every year.

I have a family of 9 and have tried very hard to keep the Disney annual trip alive and well but it is now at a point where I have to reconsider. We switched to October last year for cheaper pricing which was very difficult to take the kids out of school. We ran into halloween shorter hours as we could not afford the trick or treat prices to stay longer in the park. Therefore, missed alot of evening fun. Needless to say, we can't go this year,especially in the summer. How sad for a family that has loved and supported Disney for as long as the opening of Disneyland!

As an Annual Pass holder and member of the Disney Vacation Club, we travel to Orlando from Ohio 3 to 4 times a year. We have seen enough to believe that families spend a lot of money to come to Disney World and if they have to paid a higher price to come when it fits their schedule, they will. Cost doesn't seem to matter when it comes to vacations these days. Who it will hurt are the middle-class families who can barely put aside the money to take a "dream" vacation. They might have to save money over a longer period or not come at all. As a Senior Citizen, we will come during the Bronze time frame anyway as many youngsters are back in school (January, May and September.) We avoid the weekends to miss the locals who travel for a quick get-away.

My husband and I both work full time, and I have a part-time job as well. With 3 children we saved for 2 years when we can to Disney for vacation about 4 years ago. We have been saving for the past 2 years with plans to come in 2015. We cannot afford staying on Disney property. Our last vacation was great and we all just loved Disney. So much to do and see and experience. From the World Pavilion in Epcot to the Magic Kingdom adventures, we had a blast!! Having children in school means we cannot come to Disney during non-peak times. With the cost of Disney vacations continually climbing, I don't think the sacrifice my family has to make in order to afford the trip is appreciated, respected by Disney Corp., nor do I think the chance to return to Disney is worthy of all that effort and planning and cutting corners and saving. Some families might not think the price increase is a big deal. We think the constant increases and changes over the past 4 years makes a Disney vacation far less desirable and worthy of spending our hard earned money for. No Thank You Disney. We will put our money into experiencing other adventures worthy of the sacrifice we have to make to even have a vacation.

I love Disney ! I don't like that Disney is making it harder and harder for the average family to live the dream of walking down Main Street for the first time. Those peak times are the only times some people in certain professions can go. It's not right to make it more expensive for them.

Although I think it is a great idea but eventulally the non[peak days will become peak days and you will be back in the same situations. We have always arranged out trips to Disney at the non-peak time because even with the fast pass system we hate crowds and the heat.

I could see charging this rate on 1 day-1park tickets, because it would help regulate people coming to the park and push people to less crowded parks, as an option. Also, this could be an option for those who do not stay on Disney property. But, I don't not like this option for families that stay on Disney property and purchase multi-day park hoppers.

I like the idea, but I think the prices are too high. Gold should start at 115 and then so on.

I would skip Disney, and go to Universal Studios. Or. skip Orlando for awhile. And just visit Ft Laulderdale and Key West. My friends and I visit all three places, two or three times a year. And all of us, have been going to Disney for more the 20 years. They just keep charging more and more money. From the parking, admission, food, & Hotels ( that we only stayed at a few times) because of their crazy prices. I hope more people would complain and do the same thing. Then the greedy board members at Disney would have to lower the prices, or at least not raise them as often. I think DW Tickets, or some news chanel said, 14 times in 9 years.

(Above is only a sampling of the 200 opinions we received.  For the full list of responses, and a look at the live results, please click here.) 


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