Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Survey Results : The Best Places to Eat and Drink at Epcot's World Showcase

(Via Napoli at the Italy Pavilion)

A couple of weeks ago we launched a survey hoping to gain some insights into where our readers ventured at Epcot's World Showcase.

Here are the current results:

Where is your favorite place to go to grab a quick snack?

1st Place - Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe - Norway - 12.7%
2nd Place - Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie - France - 11.7%
3rd Place (tie) -  La Cantina de San Angel - Mexico - 10.1%
3rd Place (tie) - Liberty Inn - America - 10.1%

Where is your favorite place to go for a refreshing drink or cocktail?

1st Place - La Cantina de San Angel - Mexico - 15.8%
2nd Place - Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room - United Kingdom - 14.5%
3rd Place (tie) - La Cava del Tequila - Mexico - 10.5%
3rd Place (tie) - Refreshment Cool Post - Outpost Area - 10.5%

Where is your favorite place to go and sit down and enjoy a nice lunch or dinner?

1st Place (tie) - Le Cellier Steakhouse - Canada - 10.1%
1st Place (tie) - Via Napoli - Itlay - 10.1%
3rd Place - Chefs de France - France - 8.9%

Please tell us your favorite way to experience Epcot's World Showcase...

  • Eating around the world - purchasing a dish or two at each country and sharing
  • Wandering around searching out vegetarian friendly stalls and shops.
  • Sober!
  • Sampling all the wonderful food& drinks from all the countries.
  • Epcot is our favorite disney park. We enjoy being able to walk around and taste all of the different foods and beverages from around the world! It makes you feel like you are truly on vacation.
  • We love the fall Food and Wine Festival
  • We enjoy going to each country whether we start from left to right or vice versa. the hands on activities are fun for the whole family!
  • On a cool day, sitting on a bench!!
  • Take the time to stroll instead of run through the park. Try to experience Epcot during the International Flower and Garden exhibit.
  • Start counter clockwise, stopping at Liberty Inn for lunch.
  • We love the garden and flower festival as it changes Epcot into a beautiful paradise. Love the butterfly farm. We love taking a slow walk round all the world's.
  • Over several days. We aren't interested in too many rides there so we like to eat!
  • Watching the fireworks from the Japanese pavillion
  • With vodka freezes in France, finding a table to look over the lake while imbibing
  • I really like visiting all the countries and eating and having a drink or two.
  • Trying different foods from all over the world. We have eaten at most of the restaurants in EPCOT and love them all.
  • Try a little bit of food and drink as you walk all the way around.
  • By walking "through the world" and taking in all the sights and sounds at the individual country's locations. Browsing the shops and eating at the various dining locations "across the globe."
  • Food and wine festival!!!!!
  • Pub crawl
  • My husband and I have never been there. We are 80 and afraid we could not keep up the walking and standing in line for the events.
  • Via Napoli is our favorite lunch spot
  • My husband and I love to sample all around the world at a very leisurely pace.
  • Start at one end and begin walking and enjoying everything - when you get to the other side- turn around and do it again!!
  • Leisurely over a few days. Try the food in some of the less expensive places and then splurge on one expensive meal. Tokyo dining has a great view of Illuminations during a late dinner.
  • Food and Wine Fall Event
  • During the food and wife festival going to each country and trying all the interesting new flavors in each area

 Than you again to everyone that participated.  We'll be putting out a new survey later this week. (survey results)


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