Thursday, September 24, 2015

Star Wars and Toy Story Lands Coming To Disney World

Star Wars Land Hollywood Studios

D23 is the official fan club for the Walt Disney World Company.  Every other year they have a huge event called the D23 Expo, and often it entails the announcement of new lands, attractions, and rides soon to be hitting Disney parks.  The D23 Expo 2015 event was held just a few weeks ago, and it looks like Orlando's Disney World came away the winner. 

The largest single themed land expansion in Disney history was announced, and Star Wars fans couldn't be more excited.  Star Wars Land will encompass 14 acres at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and include such attractions as putting guests in the captain's chair of the Millennium Falcon.  Perhaps best of all, Star Wars Launch Bay will open by the end of this year.

Toy Story Land will also be coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios, turning 11 acres into, what else, but Andy's backyard.  Guests will be shrunk down to the size of a toy to help explore this new world, take part in games and adventures, and even ride the family-friendly Slinky Dog roller coaster.

Below is a video of the D23 announcement.


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