Friday, October 23, 2015

MagicBand on Demand: Customize and Personalize Your MagicBands

Personalized MagicBands

For the last couple of years Disney World fans have been asking the same question: when will the purple MagicBand be available?  The MagicBand has been one of the biggest hits of Disney's new MyMagic+ program (details on MyMagic+ here).  With the MagicBand, guests are able to perform a bunch of cool actions, including opening their hotel room doors, making purchases through their Disney account, and accessing their FastPass+ reservations for park rides and attractions.  The one thing that has been missing though is the ability to customize and personalize the nifty bracelets that are strapped to guests' wrists throughout their vacations.

Well, not anymore...

Purple MagicBand

Inside the Magic Kingdom, head over to the Tomorrowland Power and Light Co., found right near the Space Mountain exit.  Walk up to the MagicBand on Demand station, and choose among the above 8 super cool colors, including purple!  After that, you'll have over 40 cool designs to add to your MagicBand, including Disney characters and park attractions.  Lastly, for an additional charge, you can personalize your bracelet by having your name printed on it.  Just a bit of caution here though, since sometimes the printing is done over the bracelet holes.  Pricing for a custom MagicBand is $21.95, and a personalized MagicBand is $29.95.

We're sure that a lot more customization is coming to the MyMagic+ program, and this is a great start!


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