Sunday, January 31, 2016

Survey: What New Attraction Are You Most Looking Forward To In 2016?

Survey 2016 Attractions

The next couple of years have some pretty incredible new rides and attractions hitting Orlando's theme parks.  Between Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Busch Gardens, it seems all the parks are reinvesting into their properties, making sure that they all have something new to brag about.  Well, that's just fine with all of us.  We couldn't be happier about the improved park experiences.

This year, 2016, will see the unveiling of a whole bunch of new attractions, but there are really 3 major ones that are topping everyone's lists.

SeaWorld Orlando gets involved with their "Mako" hypercoaster, which will be setting the new bar for roller coasters in Orlando.  The ride will be the anchor of a brand new shark themed area, 200 feet high, reach speeds of 73 MPH, and will be Orlando's most extreme coaster.  For more information, check out our previous post here.

Disney World's "Frozen Ever After" will be opening at Epcot's World showcase, and we can only begin to imagine how many young ladies are going to be running towards the Norway Pavilion to meet their favorite princess, Elsa.  For more information, check out our previous post here.

And then there's "Skull Island: Reign of Kong" at Universal Orlando, which will be opening a year ahead of the upcoming blockbuster movie.  King Kong is always a smash hit, and now visitors get to be immersed in his world.  For more information, check out our previous post here.

Which attraction are you most excited to see and experience?  Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld are all trying to be stirring up the most anticipation, but now it's your chance to weigh in on it.  So, tell us what you think...


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