Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Orlando's Most Anticipated New Attractions for 2016 - Survey Results

Survey Results - 2016 Anticipated Orlando Attractions
A couple of weeks ago, OrlandoTastic presented a survey to over 500 people asking them what new attractions they were most excited about in 2016.  Although there was strong support for all the candidates, we do have some emerging winners.  To be fair, we shuffled the results before each participant received the survey.  Also, it should be noted that we limited the survey to Orlando theme park attractions, and we limited it, even more, to only include the big 3:

SeaWorld Orlando's "Mako" hypercoaster - A roller coaster that might just top them all at 200 feet in the air, speeds of over 70 MPH, and plenty of sharks.

Disney World's "Frozen Ever After" at Epcot's Noway Pavilion in the World showcase - Frozen is one of the biggest Disney films of all time, and I'm sure fans are going to come from all over the World to meet Elsa and company.

Universal Orlando's "Skull Island: Reign of Kong" - The next King Kong movie is already going to be one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters for 2017, and having this incredible Land of Kong attraction open before its release will only add to the anticipation.

The first question was:
"What new attractions are you most excited to see and experience in 2016?"

And the results:
What new attractions are you most excited to see and experience in 2016
51.6% - Frozen Ever After
40.3% - Skull Island : Reign of Kong
8.1% - Mako

We then asked our surveyors to elaborate on why they made their selections.  Here are some of the responses:

  • My youngest loves Frozen
  • I miss the old King Kong ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I liked the movie alot!
  • I enjoyed the movie now I would like to see what the attraction is like.
  • I have 3 granddaughters who love the movie and Olaf
  • I am a fan of King Kong.I did experience a virtual ride in LA and liked it.
  • Like Kong
  • Not into sharks or King Kong
  • Grand kids love frozen
  • My daughter is a frozen fanatic
  • Excited for a new extreme coaster at the park.
  • We have a trip planned to Uniiversal this summer and are hoping that this attraction will be open for our visit.
  • I would like to see how they reimagine the maelstrom ride.
  • king kong fan. I think Universal will do a great job with new attraction
  • I miss the old King Kong ride.
  • Thrill coaster :)
  • I think I would really enjoy that.
  • My daughter adores Frozen characters
  • Enjoyed the older Norway pavillion ride. love Frozen. When will it open as we are going to DW in March.
  • Miss the old Kongfrontation ride.
  • The old Kong ride is missed.
  • Love Frozen characters
  • I think it will be a wonderful experience.
  • I have always enjoyed adventure and things that keep you in suspense. I think that this will be something that my daughter and I will really enjoy seeing. I can't wait!!!!
  • My eight year old daughter with Down Dyndrome loves Anna and Elsa and she can't wait for this attraction to open!
  • We always do disney so it's something new.
  • Girls love Frozen. Had so much fun meeting Elsa & Anna and ice skating @ WDW 2 yrs. ago. Can't wait to return..
  • fast rides!
  • Makes me want to take my family somewhere besides WDW... But not really.
  • Granddaughter has Elsa dress to wear to Norway. She's so excited.
  • I think Norway in Epcot was great the way it was. Frozen is a phase that will die out!
  • I love Sea World already but add in the awesome coasters & it's heaven!
  • I love The Frozen Movie.
  • Want to see what they did with Norway.
  • It's DISNEY!!!!
  • My children love Frozen and Disney more than the others.
  • My 4 year old loves Frozen!!!
  • We don't go to the other parks yet.
  • My little niece LOVES anything Frozen :)
  • The movie is awesome!
  • My granddaughter just loves all the characters in frozen
  • Coaster fan!!!
  • Of these 3, As an adult female, only Mako even appeals to me a little. Frozen is for little girls, Kong is for men and boys. Mako is for everyone
  • This is what my daughter will enjoy most
  • Love roller coaster rides...However, we will visit all the new attractions
  • My great grand daughter is crazy for frozen she is 3
Lastly, for a bit of fun, we asked "...which 2017 attraction are you most excited to check out?".  And we gave them these three options:
  • Star Wars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • Volcano Bay, replacing Wet 'n Wild water park
And the results:
which 2017 attraction are you most excited to check out?
 53% - Star Wars Land
39% - Toy Story Land
7.9% - Volcano Bay

Thanks again for everyone that participated.  We'll be running another survey next week.


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