Monday, February 15, 2016

Universal Orlando Raises Prices, Disney World to Follow

Prices Raising at Universal Studios

Water is wet, fire is hot, the sky is blue, and Orlando theme parks will raise their prices at least once each year.  For regular visitors of the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando, these are truths that they know all too well.  Albeit a nominal annual increase, when visitors purchase their ticket packages, they have become all too aware that each year those packages are a few dollars more expensive than the previous year. 

Universal Orlando Resort, home to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, executed their annual increase last Wednesday (10 News).  It's unfortunately timing since most of the Country is on school vacation this week, and the parks volumes start to increase in the next few weeks.  However, it should also be noted that Universal is reinvesting in their parks.  This summer a revamped Incredible Hulk roller coaster will be opening back up, as well as the much anticipated Skull Island : Resign of Kong.

Disney World, in a reversal of usual order, will be following up shortly with a raise in their own admission pricing (Inquisitr).  The actual figures have not yet been released, but we are expecting nominal figures.  The good news is that Disney World is also putting a lot of money back into their parks.  For example, the new Frozen Ever After will be opening soon at EPCOT's Norway Pavilion.

Ticket websites, such as DW Tickets, will also need to raise their pricing to match the theme parks' price increases.  This generally happens within a week or two, as inventory bought at the old pricing is depleted.


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