Monday, June 27, 2016

Finally Open: "Frozen Ever After" at Disney World's EPCOT

With one of the most anticipated openings for a new Disney World attraction in history, "Frozen Ever After" finally opened to the public on June 21st.  The attraction is located within the Norway Pavilion at EPCOT, which makes sense since Disney's blockbuster "Frozen" used the Country of Norway as a major theme in the movie.

There were a lot of negative nancy's chirping all of the Internet even before this attraction opened.  Many of them were hard supporters of the attraction that was previously located in this space, "Maelstrom", although I don't seem to remember such support for it in the past.  During the first week though, they may have been smiling a bit as many visitors were shocked as they were told how long the wait was.  Below is a picture snapped by a visitor, and, yes, those are actually minutes...

Frozen Ever After Wait Times

That being said, the ride itself has been getting tremendously positive reviews.  It must be pretty spectacular for visitors to speak so greatly about it, especially after waiting for a full 5 hours (reports are that even FastPass'ers had to wait up to 3 hours).  Disney's FastPass won't be much use for most visitors, since Disney limits FastPass access to new rides and attractions.

If any of our readers have the good fortune of having already visited this attractions, please share your experiences with us.  For the rest of us, this point of view video will have to do for now...


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